How can Enabled Learning support you in your EOTAS Provision?

The term EOTAS refers to education provision which is put into place to meet the specific needs of pupils who, for whatever reason, cannot attend a mainstream or specialised school.


Under UK law, local educational authorities are responsible for providing these services. The existence of EOTAS provision is, in part, a response to exclusion from school.

In some cases, the child or young person may have had exclusions, or they may have existing mental health issues that affect their ability to attend a school, or the school settings they have attended have not been able to meet their specific needs.


It is not essential for a child to be educated within a school setting. For some children or young people, school or college may not be suitable, and they may need to be educated at home or elsewhere.


Parents can choose to home educate their child. This can be a positive step if it is right for the child and the family if they can find the right support network.


The SEND Code of Practice (the “Code”) acknowledges this, stating in paragraph 10.35 that:

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If you have not chosen elective home education but instead had to go this route due to no suitable school being available locally you are entitled to financial and practical support from the LA. The LA are then responsible for continuing to secure and fund the academic provision.

For families on the Wirral or surrounding areas Enabled Learning can provide EOTAS education in small groups.

As a subsidiary of Every Lesson Counts we are a name recognised by the Wirral LA as an approves AP provider. We currently have students undertaking 1:1 EOTAS sessions with us in English, Science, Maths, History and Geography out of our Brimstage Learning Centre. We are soon starting small group EOTAS sessions out of Brimstage and will be looking to build upon this further.

Our aims with EOTAS provision are:

1. To provide an approachable and friendly tutor.

2. To provide a relaxed and comfortable educational environment.

3. To deliver academic lessons in a non-threatening style.

4. To teach small groups - no more than 3 in a class.

5. To approach each child's needs with compassion and understanding.

6. To help children develop social skills.

7. To build up a child's self-esteem and confidence.

Costs for EOTAS Provision by Enabled Learning:

- 1:1 Private Tuition is £25 an hour either online or in centre.

- Small Group EOTAS tutoring is £10-25 an hour depending upon the subject.

- Costs include a 1 hour weekly lesson with a tutor, all resources and access to homework via an online learning platform.

EOTAS tutoring is not suitable for general home education provision as the children accessing our services are looking for a non traditional and calmer working environment.