The term GCSE refers to the education of children in the UK between the ages of 15 and 16 years old. In schools these are called Years 10 and 11.

Most children in this academic age bracket would normally be taking GCSEs, BTECs or other practical qualifications. For many Home Educating parents this means sourcing a 1:1 private tutor outside of a school environment or teaching them via textbooks, online courses or small group sessions before finding a school to act as an exam centre when your child is ready to sit examinations.

In schools most children sit their GCSEs at the end of Year 11 (16 years of age) but there is no statutory age at which they have to sit examinations so you can choose when they are ready.

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Enabled Learning's targeted GCSE resources can offer standalone lessons or modules of work to support parents and families home educating at this academic level. The resources are varied in nature and include a brilliant range of VAK activities for many subjects using various delivery methods such as worksheets, PowerPoints, practical activities and so much more.

The material is accessible for both gifted and talented students as well as those who have additional SEND needs. If you feel that there is something we have not provided or delivered via our products then do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we could help you and your family out.

Know your Exam Board


Before you examine the subject resources at the bottom of this page please make sure that you are completely sure about the demands of your teenager's chosen exam board. We suggest that you double check the different specifications using the links below.

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Follow the links below to access resources relevant to your chosen subject: 

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Our GCSE resource material focuses on not only imparting mathematical skills to your child but also enabling them to become fluent in their understanding of mathematical knowledge and concepts.


It also helps students apply mathematical techniques to real-world problems.

Reading a Book



The GCSE English exam can be split into Literature and  Language qualifications. They require learners to sit two exams. We will provide learning and assessment material for both of the exam options in order to best support you.


Each exam assesses both reading and writing skills. 

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Science at GCSE level aims to develop children's knowledge and understanding of scientific theories, but also their ability to apply that knowledge, analyse and evaluate information, in practical and everyday scenarios. Our lesson material and learning resources will give your child good life skills, regardless of the path they follow.

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