Our Online Learning Platform

This year has seen a dramatic rise in the need for tutors in Home Education. Here at Enabled Learning we plan to offer a wider variety of tutoring services that ever before. 

We can provide private 1:1 tutoring sessions at £25-30 an hour per child.

We can provide small EOTAS classes (3-4 children in a calm environment) designed around the needs of the parents employing us - £10-25 per hour per child.

We can provide small group tutoring (3 minimum and 6 maximum) in the classroom for Home Educating families.

We can provide online 1:1 private tutoring via Zoom for £25 an hour per child.

We can provide online small group tutoring via Zoom for £7 for a 45 minute lesson per child - between 6-10 in a Zoom session.

Resource modules provided via our online learning platform (www.elctonline.co.uk) which enables children to work at their own pace without a tutor - £20 for a 6 week module.

All of these lessons provided by Enabled Learning mean that the stress is taken off parents as:

★ We take care of the lesson planning
★ We take care of the teaching
★ We take care of the marking
★ We provide live support in lessons
★ Minimal parent time required - we only communicate via parent emails.
★ Flexible schedule - our online learning modules can be completed at your own pace.
★ From as low as £6.60 an online lesson to £40 for a 6 week taught group module.

All of our online learning content can be found at www.elctonline.co.uk.

Registration is free.

You will find plenty of free resources there as well as courses to purchase for Year 1-Year 13 with lots more in development. 

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